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Our Company

The ifw Institut für Firmen- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte (Institute for Corporate and Economic History) is located in Hamburg, Germany. We provide our customers with services in the fields of History Marketing and History Consulting.

Our company was established in 1998, following a patent discovery by the historian Dr. Sven Tode that not only shed light on a patent rights case, but also turned out to be very profitable for his client. Driven by this success, it became increasingly clear how crucial a well-regulated archive can be for a company. Furthermore, it was evident just how much potential there is to be found in business histories in terms of marketing and corporate identity. Based on this, Dr. Sven Tode founded the ifw – one of the first companies in Germany to offer comprehensive historical services for companies and institutions.

Our Services

History Marketing is a creative and successful way to present your brand and the history of your company, corporation or foundation in a new light. Following an extensive consultation, the ifw staff starts by reprocessing your brand´s or company´s history, and then examines it in relation to its general historical background and context. Our research findings can then easily be used for marketing purposes: we offer, for instance, based on our meticulous in-depth historical investigation, the production of traditional company history books, brochures or articles for your customer magazin.

Furthermore, we also provide services including the planning and implementation of exhibitions, oral-history interviews with employees and/or management, research in both public and private archives and libraries, and the development and production of multimedia solutions to present your history, such as audio slideshows and web material. Together with our partners, we implement the most creative and optically appealing solution for your company's history.

The ifw also offers archival services. We establish new company archives and reorganize and expand existing collections; arranging and documenting your material, digitalizing it if required, and providing you with software solutions you can work with in the future. A historical company archive pools all the available information concerning your business, which can be useful not just in internal communication, but also in the public representation of your company.

Our Clients

The ifw has been working for many large and small companies, institutes and foundations since 1998:  e.g. Beiersdorf (global player in the cosmetics industry), Carl Zeiss (optical solutions), Plath (communications intelligence), Techniker Krankenkasse (one of Germany's biggest medical insurers), Gelita (international gelatin producer), Bertelsmann Stiftung (foundation of global Player Bertelsmann AG), HPA (Hamburg Port Authority), Daimler AG (car corporation) and many more.

Our Aim

Our view of history is that it should be portrayed in a way that is not just attractive to a small circle of academics, but also accessible to the wider public, whilst simultaneously maintaining accuracy and academic quality. Our aim is to present your company's history to appeal to and match your envisioned target groups.

Your Benefit

History underlines your company's corporate identity. Often, exciting anecdotes, fascinating inventions and groundbreaking innovations are revealed during the examination of a company's past. By publishing your unique story you are enabling both employees and clients to get to know a different, personal aspect of your company, and you can prove and account for the expert knowledge your company has been cultivating for decades, resulting in increased trust in the company and its products. Company anniversaries as well as other historical occasions are a great opportunity to successfully generate public awareness.

Please feel free to get in contact by email or telephone. Together we can then work out the best ways to take advantage of and promote your company's unique history.

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Institut für Firmen- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte
Güntherstr. 51
22087 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (0)40 - 41352058
Fax: +49 (0)40 - 41352059

E-Mail: info@ifw-hamburg.de

Institut für Firmen– und Wirtschaftsgeschichte  
Güntherstr. 51  
22087 Hamburg  
Tel.: 040/41352058  
Fax: 040/41352059  
E-Mail: info@ifw-hamburg.de
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